Jon Leissler is dynamic, innovative, and always fiscally conservative in his approach to challenges. I have a master’s degree in accounting and finance. I have had the opportunity to travel around the United States and Internationally in my work leading and engaged multinational teams.

Through collaborative efforts, seeing through the lens of different cultural mindsets I have been an innovator of leading change in stagnant organizations, breaking through group think mindsets and the status quo. I have never been afraid to ruffle some feathers to challenge the status quo if the end result arrives to a positive outcome for improvement. My wife and I have twin daughters that we are raising here in Stow.

We have to remember our goal is to raise the next generation to lead successful, independent, thriving lives of their own choosing. We want to raise students with character, grit, and ethics.

  • #StudentsFirst – The focus of education shouldn’t be on the “system”, but instead solely focused on every single individual child.
  • #FiscalResponsibility – Every dollar spent is given to us by the hardworking and generous taxpayers.
  • #EmpoweringParents&Families – Parents are best equipped to make the right decisions for their children and must be allowed to have a strong voice in their children’s education.
  • #TEACHERSUPPORT– Nothing has a greater impact on our children’s education than an excellent teacher in the classroom and the support of a strong school and district leaders.
  • #SCHOOLSAFETY – As a parent, there is NOTHING more important or valuable than my children and that is why my top priority will be school safety.